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New Advisory Committee Members

January 17, 2017 by Brent Culberson, Tania Ibanez

In January, the MRFP Board invited four new members to join the Single Portal Advisory Committee: Christopher Daggett, Ben Getson, Robert Forrester, and Brent Culberson.

Christopher Daggett and Ben Getson previously served as White House Presidential Innovation Fellows, working with the IRS to reegineer the business process of Form 990 processing, to enable the publishing of electronic nonprofit tax returns online in a machine-readable format. Christopher also worked with the IRS to launch its first crowdsourcing initiative.

Prior to serving as a PIF, Christopher was the VP of ideas42, a behavioral economics lab spun out of Harvard IQSS, where he worked on projects in consumer finance, health, and tax, as well as led the development of proprietary behavioral design methodologies. He serves on the Board of the Action Design Network, and is also a mentor for Blue Startups, a top 20 accelerator in the US, based in Honolulu, where he assists entrepreneurs with behavioral design, and mobile app design and strategy.

Ben is a product and technology specialist. Prior to the IRS, Ben was a product management lead at LivingSocial and technology lead at Capitalogix Trading. Ben has worked as a mentor to the startup communities at 1776 in DC and the American Underground in North Carolina. He is now the Director of Product & Technology with the Commerce Data Service within the US Department of Commerce.

Robert Forrester is President and CEO of Newman’s Own Foundation. Newman’s Own Foundation is one of the funders for the development of the Single Portal system. Bob’s 40+ year career has been devoted to philanthropy and support of the global non-governmental/nonprofit sector. A close friend of Paul Newman’s, he was asked by Paul to become the first president of Newman’s Own Foundation when it was created in 2005. Newman’s Own Foundation provided grant funding for the development and launch of MRFP’s Single Portal Multistate Registration system.

Brent Culberson was one of the founding directors of MRFP, Inc. during his tenure at the Tennessee Secretary of State’s Office. Brent left the Secretary of State’s Office last October to develop a new program at his alma mater, Lipscomb University. As the Director the Office of Neighborhood, Community and Government Relations Brent’s work involves developing and managing the university strategy for cultivating relationships with our neighbors near our campus and other locations throughout the area; to assist university officials in understanding and finding opportunities to serve the community; to stay abreast of state, local and federal higher education policies that could impact the university; to build relationships with government leaders at all levels; and to work with development in securing more funds for research and other programs.

The Single Portal Advisory Committee (SPAC) is comprised of individuals across the nonprofit and regulatory sector. Advisory Committee members present observations and make suggestions on behalf of representative constituencies who benefit from, or are subject to and have knowledge of state charities registrations policies, programs and procedures, and the value of open data related to charities and charitable solicitations. To improve efficiency and to ensure the practical application of the single portal, Committee Members play an important role in advising the board of MRFP. SPAC meets quarterly, with the most recent meetings taking place on October 17, 2016, and in January 17, 2017. Learn more about the Advisory Committee

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