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MRFP in National Council of Nonprofits Blog

February 11, 2016 by Brent Culberson

Recently, the National Council of Nonprofits featured an overview of the Single Portal filing project on its Blog and encouraged members to offer feedback. On the need for a single portal:

[S]tate laws are not uniform; they differ widely on what triggers registration and what information must be filed. The current process amounts to solving a crossword puzzle of conflicting state laws. For instance, the mere act of sending a fundraising email or text message across state lines could activate registration requirements in some states, whereas other states don’t require registration until a threshold amount is contributed from donors in their state. Complicating matters is that most state laws are built on frameworks written around “old” technologies pre-dating the development of mobile giving.

Recognizing these challenges, a group of state charity regulators started working several years ago on the Single Portal Multi-State Registration project to make it easier for nonprofits to register for fundraising activities in multiple states. Those state charity regulators are committed to launching a beta test site before the end of 2016. To make that happen, many of the state charity regulators currently are in the process of developing a set of common questions that will be asked on the registration forms so the information can be submitted once for use by all participating states, rather than entered separately on different and sometimes conflicting state forms. – See more at:

To read more, visit Council of Nonprofits Blog Post.

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